Californian based theatre company, CalArts, have adapted one of Ibsen’s lesser known plays, bringing up to the present day and creating a moving performance. The show has a soundtrack of Top 40 hits from the last 20 years that (despite my initial thoughts) work well with the piece.

The play is focuses on the Allmers family, who live just outside of town in a country house looking over the fjords. Rita (Gabriela Trigo-McIntyre) and Alfred Allmers (Matthew Bamberg-Johnson) find themselves on a journey of social and spiritual consciousness as they struggle to cope with the death of their son, Eyolf (Matthew Goodrich).

The cast work well together on stage and deliver an emotional ensemble piece. Notable performances come from Trigo-McIntyre who gives a poignant portrayal of Rita and Genevieve Gearheart who has excellent stage presence and gives energy to every scene she enters. She shows her full range as both the sexy ratwife and masculinity road builder Borgheim.

Although there is no single "wow" moment or startling originality about the production, this is a passionate and thought provoking piece of drama.

- Joe Plumb