It can't be easy trying to pull off a horror show at 12 noon, but this chaotic, sprawling performance hardly succeeds on any level. The young performers have clearly put in a lot of effort - there are a huge number of props, and actors switch roles bewilderingly - but by the end it's hard to get any sense even of what the piece has been about.

It's probably something to do with dreams, and a young man dealing with the effects of a traumatic childhood - but then again, I may be completely wrong. There are ubiquitous snowglobes, a ghoulish woman appearing mysteriously at a window, a leering grandfather and a lost pink shoe, but what it all means is anyone's guess.

Most distressing is the seeming intention to baffle the audience - and sometimes even to beat us into submission with unpleasantly loud sound effects. Fluorescent talking clouds are the epitome of the show's preposterousness - it's hard to see how anyone could have considered them even faintly sinister.

There's a certain level of creativity at work here, but it needs a lot more effort to turn the piece into the show it thinks it is.

- David Kettle