Constance and Sinestra is a dark fairy tale, like something straight out of the mind of Tim Burton, with taxidermy, gothic madness, and strawberry bonbons.

The show follows the story of two little girls, Constance (Kirsty Wray) and her sister Sinestra (Samantha Arends), who live upstairs in their strange house full of stuffed animals. In the corner of the room also lies the stuffed body of their mother, chemicals still dripping out of her. Their "mad dad" father lives downstairs and never comes to see them, but they one day meet Hereford (Robin Rayner) who wants to be a taxidermist apprentice - maybe now they will get to see their father? But beware of the evil Mrs Vanderscab who owns the bakery across the road…

This show has a really strong cast with music and projections that fits well with the style of the piece. A great gothic fairy tale, Constance and Sinestra captures all things spooky, strange and surreal.

- Joe Plumb