Clown-haired master wordsmith and British Institute of Satirists and Lampooners qualified Andy Zaltzman once again sets himself the seemingly impossible task of solving all of the world's economic and political problems in 66 minutes, and it's fair to say that he has a fairly solid crack at it.

It's hard to work out what's more impressive – Zaltzman getting through an entire show sporting a comedy arrow-through-head without giggling at the hackish inanity of the ruse, or the fact that over the duration of the show he intelligently tackles world politics, UK politics, economics, healthcare, electoral reform, pensions, the monarchy, Wikileaks, Bin Laden, and the mechanics of chicken fighting.

Regular listeners of Zaltzman's podcast might recognise the occasional nugget of material poking its head through, however his rapid-fire delivery ensures that one would be hard pressed to steal any of his material without the aid of a court stenographer and a big bucket of amphetamines.

Zaltzman is an absolute A-grade 'Bullshit Artiste' of the highest calibre, and fans of tenuous cricket based metaphors and relentless strings of canine puns will find this show especially enjoyable.

- Jason B Standing