Gilded Balloon Teviot
4-29 August, 14.00

Leisa Rea’s debut solo show is a celebration of failure, a toast to the fact that no matter how hard we try, “we can’t all win”. To illustrate this unfortunate truth, Rea takes us through the many moments of disappointment in her life, including failing the 11-plus, being fired from a job on a market stall, and her phobia of pigeon wings.

The world may be out to get her, but Rea remains upbeat. Lower your expectations, she explains, and all will be well. This message might sound twee out of context, but Rea’s show is nothing of the sort. Her self-deprecation knows no bounds and she isn’t afraid to reference some genuinely dark moments in her past.

Rea’s humour is quirky, but her generous performance and commitment to the silliness of her material take the audience with her wherever she goes. In addition to the lovely stand-up routines and comedy songs, several episodes of gentle and jolly audience participation ensure that the show’s party atmosphere is maintained throughout. Rea does her best to persuade you otherwise, but there is no lowering of expectations required here.