Geordie comic Seymour Mace found the perfect way to deal with unwanted hecklers in his show at Just the Tonic on Saturday night (7 August 2010), by chasing them down three flights of stairs and up the street away from the Caves venue on the Cowgate. Seymour was annoyed at two men who turned up late to his show and started disrupting his performance of Seymourland. When the two men, who appeared slightly worse for wear, got up to walk out mid-show, Mace pursued them. Speaking after the event, Mace said: "I wouldn’t normally react in this way, but they really wound me up. Luckily, I had left fellow comedian Maff Brown on the stage to hold the fort, I shouted some choice northeastern phrases at them as I chased them up the Cowgate. I don’t think they will back. When I returned to the room, there was rapturous applause."