One of the biggest comedy line-ups on the Fringe will appear on Sunday (15 August 2010), but they won't be on stage - they'll be taking part in the annual Comics vs Critics Football Match. It's likely to be such a grudge match, they've had to call in Amnesty International to referee! The match, which is being held in aid of the human rights charity, promises include comics and critics settle their scores over "90 hilarious and blood-curdling minutes". Both teams will be playing to raise awareness of Zarganar, Burma's top comedian, who is serving 35 years in jail for criticising the government. Wearing specially made shirts, both the comedians and journalists will have Zarganar's name and the number 35 across their backs. Amnesty are also asking for Fringe theatregoers to have their picture taken with the name of Zarganar or another Burmese political prisoner written on their hand. Amnesty will again present their Stand Up For Freedom comedy show, which will this year be held on 19 August at Venue 150, the EICC, featuring big name comics such as John Bishop, Mark Watson, Fred Macaulay and Adam Hills.