Bottleneck (Edinburgh Fringe)
Luke Barnes' play, which premiered at HighTide, is set in the build up to the Hillsborough disaster
The War (Edinburgh International Festival)
A production from Russia marking the First World War centenary is a spectacular highlight of this year's EIF
Spoiling (Edinburgh Fringe)
The upcoming Scottish independence referendum is the subject of this Fringe First-winning satire
Julie Burchill: Absolute Cult (Edinburgh Fringe)
The queen of spleen tells all in this solo satire starring Lizzie Roper
He Had Hairy Hands (Edinburgh Fringe)
A brilliantly executed comic tale of werewolves, murder and mystery
What Does the Title Matter Anyway?
This excellent improv show may seem familiar - just don't tell the lawyers
Divallusion (Edinburgh Fringe)
Christina Bianco brings her YouTube diva impressions to this years Fringe.
Simon Callow in Juvenalia (Edinburgh Fringe)
Roman poet Juvenal is reimagined as a raconteur in Callow's latest one man outing
Spine (Edinburgh Fringe)
A powerful marriage of the political and the emotional in Clara Brennan's one-woman play
Chewing the Fat (Edinburgh Fringe)
Selina Thompson's personal tale arrestingly grapples with issues around weight