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Jackie Hagan's new play visits the inhabitants of Skelmersdale
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Paul Soileau's Christeene is a dark, provocative drag act
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A spectacularly ebullient piece from Swiss theatre-maker James Thiérrée at the Edinburgh International Festival
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A remarkable one-woman show about a legendary Kurdish woman sniper at the Edinburgh Fringe
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Thought-provoking shows from Clean Break and Yinka Kuitenbrouwer at the Edinburgh Fringe
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Audience members are taken by the hand and sung the Judy Garland classic for an hour in this beautiful piece
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This piece about a woman about to commit a suicide bombing leaves you 'wondering when we were going to get to the good part'
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A deliriously entertaining biographical musical about Henry Cyril Paget, the 5th Marquis of Anglesey
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A gem of a piece from Edinburgh about the real-life Lucy who inspired the little girl in CS Lewis' Narnia books
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There's a flaming performance at the heart of this new play from Phoebe Eclair-Powell