Alex Horne: Monsieur Butterfly (Edinburgh Fringe)
'Horne has wanted to do this show for more than a decade, and with his infectious excitement, be grateful he finally got round to it'
The Complete History of Comedy (Abridged) (Edinburgh Fringe)
The Reduced Shakespeare Company are back, doing what they do best
Freak (Edinburgh Fringe)
Anna Jordan's two-hander makes some salient points but is let down by the delivery
Siddhartha, the Musical (Edinburgh Fringe)
Making its UK debut, this Italian production follows the story of young Prince Siddhartha after he discovers the reality of life outside his palace
The Addams Family (Edinburgh Fringe)
The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland deliver a finely-tuned production of the Broadway musical
Americana (Edinburgh Fringe)
This rock musical could do with greater variety to make it soar
UCAS (Edinburgh Fringe)
A promising storyline does nothing to help this new musical
Robin Ince's Blooming Buzzing Confusion (Edinburgh Fringe)
Ince sets out to explore conciousness in his latest solo show
NewsRevue 2014 (Edinburgh Fringe)
Nick Clegg asks David Cameron to build a snowman in this year's NewsRevue
Dr Longitude's Marvellous Imaginary Menagerie (Edinburgh Fringe)
Les Enfants Terribles bring their latest family friendly production to Edinburgh