Men in the Cities (Edinburgh Fringe)

Award-winning writer and performer Chris Goode's new solo show is a dark meditation on masculinity

Adam of the Riches (Edinburgh Fringe)

The Edinburgh Comedy Award winner returns with another hour of interactive anarchy

SmallWar (Edinburgh Fringe)

Belgian company SKaGeN explore the history of conflict in this disappointing follow-up to BigMouth

Unfaithful (Edinburgh Fringe)

Two intertwining stories of betrayal make for a witty and engrossing drama

Mark Thomas: Cuckooed (Edinburgh Fringe)

The veteran agitator returns with a tale of protest and betrayal

Confirmation (Edinburgh Fringe)

Chris Thorpe's play exploring confirmation bias is thought-provoking and layered

Julie Madly Deeply (Edinburgh Fringe)
Celebrating the life and career of the legendary Julie Andrews, Sarah-Louise Young uses her admiration for the Dame to write and perform and tremendous piece of entertainment in the form of Ju
I Wish I Was Lonely (Edinburgh Fringe)
This show at Forest Fringe asks 'how much of ourselves we've given up to the new Gods in our pockets'
Brand New Ancients (Edinburgh Fringe)
Poet and rapper Kate Tempest tells an everyday epic over a live musical score at the Traverse
[title of show] (Edinburgh Fringe)
Making its UK debut, hit Broadway musical [title of show] plays to an almost full house at Edinburgh's Assembly Checkpoint, proving this new and relevant musical has a fair ...