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Michael Coveney: Donmar plays Globe in Tony Awards; Superstar cancels US tour; theatre goes al fresco

The Tonys, announced on Sunday, feature an impressive number of Brits; while Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar has had less success Stateside

Michael Coveney: Golden Ages with Spacey, Hall and Nicholas Lyndhurst
By Michael Coveney · 23 Aug 2013 · Edinburgh, London
By definition, a Golden Age is something that happened in the past, and yet we are continually being told that we are living in a Golden Age of this or a Golden Age of that. This week, no less ...
Chris Grady: Final Edinburgh reflections and recommendations
By Chris Grady · 22 Aug 2013 · Edinburgh
My last couple of days in Edinburgh (Monday and Tuesday) passed in a whirlwind because, not only was I seeing shows, I was also ensuring that my three guests from the creative industries in ...
Chris Grady: A plea to Edinburgh Fringe companies - print a programme
By Chris Grady · 20 Aug 2013 · Edinburgh
Good example: Our Friends, The Enemy If you bring a show to Edinburgh then you, usually, ask a lot of favours. The actors are likely to be less than paid, the director will ...
Chris Grady: Always on the move
By Chris Grady · 14 Aug 2013 · Edinburgh
Exciting plans in Malaysia, a Gorilla, a beautifully crafted play, and a chance to see a musical about a musical with no name. And then a delightful dinner with an ex-colleague from my time at ...
Chris Grady: Some advice for those bringing shows to Edinburgh
By Chris Grady · 13 Aug 2013 · Edinburgh
The Showstopper's Improvised Musical at Gilded Balloon Teviot My second blog covering my Monday of Week Two – a little late since its Wednesday morning, but I've been seeing ...
Chris Grady: 'Cobblefoot' and other Edinburgh discomforts
By Chris Grady · 13 Aug 2013 · Edinburgh
Sandel at The Space @ Surgeons Hall Edinburgh. Day four. 24 shows in four days and that most Edinburgh-like of discomforts is setting in – cobblefoot. I am short on ...
Chris Grady: Edinburgh advice to myself
By Chris Grady · 12 Aug 2013 · Edinburgh
So - here are five pieces of advice to myself as I tackle the Edinburgh Fringe... and I thought they might be good to share.Whatever Happens is the Only Thing That Could Have.I am expecting to ...
Chris Grady: Edinburgh - a few more recommendations
By Chris Grady · 12 Aug 2013 · Edinburgh
Despatch Sunday from Adam and Eve, through Ben Moor, Peter Straker, Bristol Revunions, The Bridge and into early Monday morning with The System from South Africa. A day of ...
Chris Grady: From Stephen Hawking to Julie Andrews
By Chris Grady · 11 Aug 2013 · Edinburgh
Yesterday (Saturday) was my first full-day on the Fringe this year.EdFringe is all about surprising new sensations and unexpected new companies for me – so starting with a Polish company of ...