Talking Heads - Soldiering On/A Chip in the Sugarr/Her Big Chance Venue and Location

Alma Tavern Theatre
18-20 Alma Vale Road, Bristol, City of Bristol BS8 2HY

Alma Tavern Theatre

18-20 Alma Vale Road Bristol, City of Bristol BS8 2HY


Talking Heads - Soldiering On/A Chip in the Sugar/Her Big Chance
Talking Heads - Soldiering On/A Chip in the Sugarr/Her Big Chance
The Diary of Anne Frank
The Diary of Anne Frank
Weston on a Sunday
Weston on a Sunday
Instant Wit
Instant Wit
Heather and Harry
Heather and Harry
George and the Flight of the Imaginees
A Christmas Carol
The Missing Mona Lisa
Dracula (or) A Pain in the Neck
Instant Wit
Mrs Gerrish's Rear Window
The Big Meal
Paying the Piper
The Hound of the Baskervilles
Abigail's Party
The Vagina Monologues
Soundbite/Remedies; A Ballad of Broken Britain
The Venus Papers
Still Doing It
Effie's Burning
Pussy: An Angela Carter Musical Extravaganza
A Night with The Shillings
The Cocktail Hour
Entertaining Mr Sloane
Cult Figure: Kenneth Williams
Great Expectations
Instant Wit
Ginger Beer
Waving Goodbye
The Collector
The Vagina Monologues
The Iconoclasts
Hansel and Gretel
Shakespeare's Will
Killer Cells
What Can One Person Do?
Sirens of the Silver Screen
Instant Wit
The God of Carnage
A Well Away
That Face
How Eva Von Schnippisch Won WW2
The Accidental Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Our Country's Good
Tender Napalm
Colin's Head
A Doll's House
Pugilist Specialist
On the Street Where You Live
In Other News
That Face
Instant Wit
Sorry, I Haven't a Minute
Jeff Finlin - My Moby Dick
The Old Man and the Sea
And Then They Came For Me
Special Consensus
Follow Your Dreams
Pantomime Shorts
Cinderella - The Cillit Bang Years
Christmas Comedy Cabaret
My Old Lady
Spiders by Night
The Night Before Christmas
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
A View From the Bridge
The Double Bass
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Family
A Taste of Honey
The Last Five Years
The Trouble with Hitchcock
The Magnetic Diaries
Instant Wit
Too High, Too Far, Too Soon
The Dumb Waiter
Sounds of Swindon
The Life We Lived
Margo & Mr Whatsit
The Servant of the Sea
The Ruby in the Smoke
The Ruby in the Smoke
Hurricane Hands/Fish and Chips with Edith
Loves Labours Won
We Felt His Heart Beating
The Invention of Acting
A Good Jew
Alive and Brel
Instant Wit
To Sleep
The Government Inspector
Opening Scene; A New Writing Showcase
The Brackish
Pitschi, The Kitten with Dreams
An Indian Abroad and Other Tales
Pond Wife
Dark Vanilla Jungle
Accidental Death of an Anarchist
Three for Two - Control/Nightmare in Paradise/Say Yes
Head Case
Beata Beatrix
Poll Function
Family Play
Something, something, PUNCHLINE!
Alive and Brel
Holder and Smith
Cinderella - The Cillit Bang Years
Diary of a Shanghai Showgirl
How to Reappear
The Blood Tales - Spoken Word Performance
Instant Wit
The Night Heron
The Off-White Horse
1616; The Secrets and Passisons of William Shakespeare
And Then There Were Nine
Doubt: A Parable
Remote Control
The Bedminster Bigfoot
Girl Talk - Two One-Act Plays
Anton's Shorts
Travels With My Aunt
Coward, Bennett Townsend: An Evening of Short Comedies - Fumed Oak/Womberang/Green Forms
Innes Sibun Band
Moscow Drug Club
Three Cane Whales
Matt Woosey
Into the Light of Dark
As Sure as God's in Gloucester
Drink and Draw
T.Rex: A Pack of Lies
According to Arthur
The Heist
The Accidental Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Instant Wit
Mrs Shakespeare
Private Lives
The Open Couple
Alive and Brel
SGS Showcase
It's All About Me; The Science and Comedy of Self Love
How Did It All gO wRonG?
It Takes Two (two very different one-act plays) - Requiem/A Silent Mouth
Ovid's Heroines
That's Just Earl
The God of Carnage
Escape Was on Everyone's Mind: The Tale of Jack Sheppard
Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean
Phone Whore (a one-act play with frequent interruptions)
The Tramps
Instant Wit
The Resurgence of Pantalone
Chasing the Dream in the Least Harmful Way
Twelfth Night
Strip - Emerging Artists Showcase
Just Before Sunrise
T.Rex: A Pack of Lies
Me & My Friend
A Christmas Carol
Going Large at Christmas
The Heist
Fat Shirley's: A Trailer Park Opera
The Tell Tale Heart
Look Back in Anger
Instant Wit
The Boy Who Fell in Love with the Stars
Changing Partners
Into the Road
Excess Baggage
Short Sharp Shock presents... - Blackwell and Vibes
Short Sharp Shock presents... - Wild Lutrek
Look Out
A Fool's Proof
Shakespeare in Bits
Hedda Gabler
Much Ado About Nothing
Absurd Person Singular
Dog Days
The Allotment
All Change
Low Tide in Glass Bay
The Orchid Girl
This Is Where We Live
Dust to Dust
The Persistence of Memory
What's the Time, Mr Wolf?
Players and Gentlemen