ITV West Workshop: Horror Night CountryCide

Opened 27 Oct 2013
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A gruesome and terrifying horror-fest from the excellent ITV West Workshop, who brought you Macbeth (2012) & Going Postal (2013) at the Bierkeller Theatre. In a night of thrills, you'll be subjected to two new plays of the macabre and bloody variety. Zombies are let loose in a countryside village... How will the locals fare? And, a ghoulish ghost story, that will have you shaking on the edge of your seat!

The sleepy village of Elmdale in the West Country has it's quiet existence shattered when a bunch of Zombies march into town... Cue hilarious and gory antics as the doddery villagers fiight back, in this pitchfork weilding tale that is a cross between The Vicar of Dibley and Hot Fuzz/I>... with zombies.