No matter how much you think you remember from your childhood, there is always something to make you sit up and take notice and make you realise how you have been wrong for so many years. That is the case with latest offering from Northern Stages production of the Cinderella story The Glass Slipper. I draw attention to the fact I never knew it is in fact a French morality tale, educating young ladies in behaving properly for I always thought it was an English tale about being good hearted at all times.

The production is steeped in historical and social contexts. Costume and set design are all researched and presented with flourish and style; for this is a very stylish set and boasts the grandest of staircases. Music is 18th Century in style and the dances and songs all evoke the period well, although personally I felt the love song that wins the heart of the prince a little quick in its style and in its delivery. There are some charming performances and the scene stealer is the wickedest of wicked step mothers, wonderfully portrayed with style and panache by a seasoned professional Bev Fox, Mr Mouse also stole my heart in a short but charming scene that was just the right side of Aaahhhhh.

The telling of this classic story is good, and there is much to like with this charming tale, however I felt there was something missing, and after much thought I think it is down to confidence in this medium, which is part play, part pantomime. Although I am confident that after a few more performances this talented and hardworking cast will find their extra 10%to make this a stunning show.