The West Yorkshire Playhouse's brand new production, adapted from Louise Rennison’s novels, takes us on an energetic roller-coaster ride through 14-year old Georgia’s teenage world, filled with boys, friends, school, parents discos, boys, spots— oh, and, did I mention boys?

Suitable for anyone over ten, and primarily for and about teenage girls, this is a strong ensemble piece, with music, dance, comedy, assured direction and a clear emotional drive. It was a joy to see the younger members of the audience kicking off their shoes (both metaphorically and literally) and taking possession of the theatre, but this production also offers a bright comic treat for all ages.

Highlights include the Latin lothario Massimo (Leon Scott), Herr Kamyer, the German teacher (George Potts) and the hilarious, repressed English teacher, Miss Wilson (Margaret Caybourn-Smith). Naomi Petersen (Georgia) gives an astonishingly energetic performance throughout alongside much sound advice (“French kissing is a bit like having a little bat trapped in your mouth”), and her friendships are comic, touching and realistic.

With strong characters, tender moments, dance routines and brilliant teamwork, this play offers light-hearted fun for teenagers of all ages, so why not treat yourself to a little ‘glamourosity’ on a dark winter’s night?