Following Seconds Out and The Benefit of Time, Organised Chaos Productions are returning to Taurus Bar (Manchester) in April with another new prouduction.

Afternoon Tea – that classic of peace and tranquillity! Nothing goes wrong over afternoon tea – at least until William and Abigail (Laurence Pickford and Julie Burrow) and Jean and Poppy (Celia Carron and Diane Rimmer) coincide in the same Tea Room.

Enjoying a saucy weekend away, it is slowly emerging that Abigail’s expectation of wedding bells is as far away from William’s alternative intentions as possible. Meanwhile Jean and Poppy are indulging in their favourite occupation of gossiping, a little about themselves, but more enticingly about almost anyone else.

Organised Chaos Productions aims to find and nurture undiscovered and emerging talent in the North West, and provide platforms for this creativity by taking care of all the background technicalities. Afternoon Tea follows this tradition, being the first play to be staged for writer Lindsay Kernahan, who recently graduated from Chester University with an MA in Creative Writing.

The cast are all Manchester based, and all are working with Organised Chaos for the first time. Designer Alice Elizabeth Allen, and Stage Manager Mandi Barrett both worked on Seconds Out, and Alice also designed The Benefit of Time.

Afternoon Tea is at Taurus in Manchester from 22 - 24 April. For more information, visit the Organised Chaos website.