Relative Values

Opened 12 Jun 2013
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A glittering comedy set in the early 1950s, Coward's masterpiece highlights a delightful collision between starry Hollywood and still-upper-lip England. Having fallen for a glamorous movie starlet, the Earl of Mashwood brings his fiancée to the ancestral home to the absolute horror of his mother and servants. In the very best Coward tradition, chaos escalates from one farcical turn to another. spurring delicious dialogue, skilful asides and hilarious repartee. Witty and sophisticated, this glittering gem from the master of wit and irony, is a beautifully mannered and charming comedy that will have all Coward fans smiling with delight.


Show Pics: Bremner, Hodge and Quentin in Relative Values - 17 Jun 2013

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